Sunday, May 20, 2007

Invention I want.

I don't know if someone already builds something like this. If not, I've got dibs.

This is an idea I've had on and off for a few years. I call it the stomp charger. It is basically a wallet sized thing two plates that hinge in relation to each other, and a place for putting in a couple (maybe four?) rechargeable AA batteries. Put batteries in, bounce your foot (or anything else) up and down on it whilst you are doing other things, and, after a while, your batteries are charged. Ideally it would be waterproof, and the there would be a little door/flap that closes over the battery compartment.
I don't actually know what would work best to convert the bouncing into chemical energy in the battery, but I bet someone I know does.

I imagine this thing, if it had an efficient energy conversion ratio, would be tremendously useful to field workers, villagers and others with limited access to new batteries/wall current. The poor villagers I've met always wanted AAs.

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