Monday, August 13, 2007

Professional science is hard

Late at night, with a weary brain, I attempted to document some of the process of data analysis, typesetting, and the general level of complexity involved in the production of a moderately novel physics journal article. Using direct-screen-capture video software, I just flipped through the content that I have been staring at for weeks, giving a 4 minute silent film of my work. The production of this low-res video was a greatly refreshing 6 am escape from my writing, and stands as a slightly surreal and fuzzy look at the reality of being a physicist. Do not attempt to understand any technical content, that is not the point, this is just art therapy for the sleep-deprived.

If I had to choose a sound track to this, the first thing that comes to mind is the scene at the end of 2001 where Dave has to float into the airlock, and then slowly, manually deactivate the optic circuits of Hal.

Here it is:

From Data to a Paper

- Let me know any reactions that this may incite,


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