Friday, October 05, 2007

Sensory Bias

Last week I was trying to describe to my animal behavior students what sensory bias was. I told them that particular species, because of the particulars of their sensory organs and neurology, have a much stronger neurological response to certain shapes, patterns or colors than a member of most other species would. I told them that the sensory biases of a species affect the evolution of traits in potential prey, predators, competitors and mates.

I think this makes a fine example.

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Clara B. Jones said...

Darwin used the term "unconscious selection" in an 1876 note and says that he had discussed the concept before, probably in some other publication on sexual selection. Unconscious selection and "sensory bias" seem similar.

Darwin, C. 1876, 2 November. Sexual selection in monkeys. Nature: 18-19.

Clara B. Jones