Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pompous Lab name needed

I need a door sign. My laboratory space is a tiny little nothing of a room directly across from the main elevators. Everyone walks right past it, even people who are looking for me, because it looks like it should be a janitor's closet or boiler room. I need a big sign on the door that lets everyone know it is a research space. I could just put up a sign saying "Dan's lab space." or "Rotifer Lab," but neither of those is entirely satisfying. I'm thinking more grandiose, more pompous. That and I'd like to have the conceptual idea Evolutionary Demography as part of the name. Here are some initial ideas.

Berkeley Evolutionary Demography Society (BEDS)
Berkeley Laboratory for Evolutionary Demography (BLED)
Berkeley Laboratory for Experimental Evolutionary Demography (BLEED)
Laboratory for Evolutionary Demography (LED)
Institute for Evolutionary Demography (IED)
Dan's Institute for Evolutionary Demography (DIED)
Levitis Institute for Evolutionary Demography (LIED)
Center on Evolutionary Demography (CoED)
Center for Evolutionary Demography and Rotifers (CEDaR)
Society for Experimental Evolutionary Demography (SEED)
Berkeley Evolutionary Demography Laboratory (BED Lab)

Suggestions and comments are welcome.


jte said...

BLEED is my favorite of those. How about FRED: From Rotifers to Evolutionary Demography? Or ERRED: Experimental Rotifer Research into Evolutionary Demography?

Dan Levitis said...

Jason suggested Center for Rotifer Utilization and Demography (CRUD)

To which I responded Center for Rotifer Utilization and Demographic Evolution (CRUDE)
and Center for Rotifer Utilization in Demographic Evolutionary Research (CRUDER)
But Jason topped me with Center for Rotifer Utilization and Demographic Institute for Theoretical Evolution (CRUDITE)

jte said...

Or maybe DRED: Demographic Research into Evolutionary Demography

The DREADED Lab: Dan, Rotifers, Experiments, and Assistants Devoted to Evolutionary Demography

Dan Levitis said...

I went with DIED: Dissertational Institute for Evolutionary Demography.

jte said...

You should post a photo of the sign on your door.