Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rotifer Demography Talk Wednesday

I'm a biology grad student, but my funding and my fellowship are all through the Demography department. One service I return to the Demography department is to attend their weekly seminar and who ever the speaker is, suggest biological literature relevant to her topic of study. Some demographers take better to this than others. Most seem to appreciate the new perspective, even if they are not really interested in thinking about humans in a biological context. (For the record, I also go to biology talks and bring up demographic concerns.)

The next speaker I will have to deal with differently, because the speaker this coming week is me. I'll be presenting on demographic aspects of my rotifer research. Age specific mortality and reproduction. Effect of food supply on longevity. Infant mortality. I'll get into the biology a bit too, but mostly they'll want to hear about the demographics. If I was in my audience, I would suggest more of a focus on the biology.

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