Thursday, December 04, 2008

Journal of Biodemography

Yesterday on the BART I sat down to write a list of papers I hope to publish based on my rotifer work. Most of them I had a pretty good sense of what type of journal they should go into. But one, the article in which I present a detailed human-style demographic analysis of my rotifer population, I just didn't know. It is a paper that I specifically want to write to an audience of demographers, to say, "Hey Look! Other species are good for demographers to study other than humans!" But I was not at all sure a demography journal would accept a paper on a species other than humans. I emailed my demography professor, and he said he had never sen such a thing in a demography journal. And frankly, most biologists aren't that interested in this type of analysis, and I'm not sure what biology journal I would send it to. I decided that since there is a journal for everything, there must be a Journal of Biodemography. But nope. I looked it up. Nothing even vaguely like that exist as far as I can tell. So either I'll have to found the journal myself (unlikely) or I'll have to shoehorn it in somewhere.

I'm just too interdisciplinary for my own good.

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