Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If this science thing doesn't work out.....

As I've mentioned before, my cousin David is the National Sales Director at Ozone Socks. Ozone has a yearly sock design competition. I submitted three designs themed around (what else?) science.
I just got the call from David. He had to recuse himself from much of the judging, in order to avoid bias. He didn't even tell them I was his cousin, he claims. But my oceanic drawing, "30000 Feet" won second place. Iris will be so excited. We get 12 free pairs of socks.

Oh, and by the way. It is not at all certain they will actually make this sock. They have in effect purchased rights to my design for the price of 12 pairs of any socks they already make. If you want to see this sock made, and would purchase a pair, please contact@ozonesocks.com and tell them.

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jte said...

Awesome! I would definitely wear those socks. I'd be tempted to wear them and nothing else, so that no one would be distracted from noticing them.