Thursday, July 09, 2009

EvoDemo Poetry

A chimpess keeps the knack to breed
until she's not alive
But woman stops and then goes on
another forty-five

A hydra grows and buds and splits,
then does it all again
But man can live his life but once
before his certain end

A rotifer skips infanthood,
lays eggs on her first day
But humans grow and learn and find
all reasons for delay

You'll live your life as humans do
and never think it's odd
But redwoods still are saplings
when we're pushing up the sod.


jte said...

Dan, that's great! I have one minor suggestion: that the line in the final stanza be "and never think it odd" (rather than "its").

gml said...

Delightful. It brings to mind the poetry of Erasmus Darwin, tho his was much fore flowery. GML