Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 days

My thesis is fully written, in the sense that I have a complete, but not final draft of each of the four chapters. This does not mean I can relax. My last chance to file it in person (as opposed to having a friend print it out for me and file it for me after I've left for Europe, which is much less desirable in several ways) is ten days from today. This is little enough time and there is enough to do that I am almost certain I will be filing via friend.

Chapter 1 is all done.
Chapter 2 is being edited, and three more professors have to edit it after that.
Chapter 3 has been edited by three of four professors, and is very close to done.
Chapter 4 I have just finished writing, and will send to its first professor in the morning.

Assuming that the suggested edits to Chapter 2 are small enough to be dealt with in a day, and assuming a lot of other things go quickly and correctly (a large set of assumptions), I can have all the edits from three of my four professors done by Sept 1st, when the fourth gets back from oversees. I then have until September 4th to have him look at and edit three chapters, and implement all his edits, and print it all out and put it all together, before I leave California for the east coast and then Europe. In that time I also have to plan my final talk, make the powerpoint, practice the talk, fly to California and give the talk. It will be a busy ten days, but as my wife says, "at least now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, or at least know exactly how deep a hole you've dug.

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