Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Brain melt.

I have been sick to various degrees, and with various different bugs, continuously for the last three weeks. Tonight I am developing a fever again.

It is very hard to get any science done while I am sick. Partly there is the general lack of energy, lack of focus and slow mental activity. But I also make the weirdest mistakes while I am sick. I send people emails with the same sentence three times in a row phrased slightly differently each time, without realizing I am repeating myself. I decide that I have accidentally deleted all my emails when in fact I am just looking at the wrong mailbox. I write a thought that pertains to one paper into a different paper, then have trouble figuring out which paper it is.

I understand that my body is scaling back on certain activities (such as cognition) so as to be able to go all out on others (immune response), but honestly given the quantity of lipids I am carrying around I would think a little bit of multitasking could be supported.

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