Monday, January 25, 2010

Almost finished

I'm about ready to submit this paper, and I have very mixed feelings as to its chances of acceptance. I've shown it to two people who told me they thought it was quite good and that I should send it to the high end journal I'm sending it to, and to a third who said he didn't think it would make it past any reviewer without major rewriting including changing which variables I was analyzing and the whole point of the paper. I've worked the paper over so many times I no longer have any idea if is it brilliant and revolutionary or a pile of misconceived hackary. What I do know for certain is that I am not going to start rewriting it at this point, and I'm going to hope that my friend who suggested I needed to do so just missed the point that the other two saw. The paper is methodologically sound, whatever its other flaws, and if the first journal rejects it I'll send it to lower profile journals until someone thinks it is important enough to print.

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jte said...

Good decision. Is there any process for appeal at journals, higher-end or otherwise? Just cuz one reviewer wants you to write the paper they think you should write rather than than the paper you wanted to write, is that it? Story over? Is review a total crap shoot--maybe you get a reviewer who digs your work, maybe not?