Wednesday, April 14, 2010

little posting

I"ve been posting not at all for a while; I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and can't easily type. However, over the next several days I will be posting several thing either dictated using dictation software, or copied and pasted.

The following is from the

PLoS Biology Editorial and Publishing Policies

"PLoS Medicine, PLoS Biology and PLoS ONE do not consider for publication papers where any of the research costs or authors' salaries have been funded, in whole or in part, by a tobacco company. "



Fern said...

What about funding from marijuana growers?

Dan Levitis said...

I guess that must be fine. Tobacco is the only industry they explicitly exclude.

jte said...

That's a narrow exclusion. If you're not going to exclude all the big vested interests, why bother excluding tobacco? I hazard to bet tobacco has more undiscovered benefits than can be offered by the dioxin manufacturers of America.

Dan Levitis said...

Tobacco has a particularly egregious record of funding fake science. It is certainly true they are not the only culprits, but they certainly do deserve to be picked on in this case.

Plos also has the policy of require authors to state in writing whether their research is funded or influenced by any organization with any financial interest in the result.