Friday, February 18, 2011


First the bad news:
I will not get the grant. The interview went well, but the Human Sciences committee included no one with knowledge of my field (either of my fields, really), and my claims that no one else is focusing on this important topic, while true, were not entirely believed. Out of >60 applicants, I am told they interviewed 10 and will fund three.

Second, the good news:
I have been encouraged to apply for a nearly identical grant in the Biology section, deadline this Monday. If I don’t get that, I have been generously offered enough funds to recruit a couple of grad students and a post-doc, while keeping my current position. So one way or another I will have a research group, although not necessarily one as well funded or official as I would have had.


gml said...

Sorry! It doesn't make the most sense to have a panel without at least one member generally conversant with the subject. I'm glad you will still get a working group of your own, one way or another. GML

jte said...

Dan, that sucks, sorta kinda. In retrospect I guess it'll be mostly a wash, but still: it's like one of those times when the outfielder is jumping up to make a picture perfect catch, making the final out that clinches the pennant for your team, when some schmo in the bleachers reaches down over the wall and knocks the ball from your mitt. It's not illegal, it's just crummy.

A said...

Sounds like you guys will be in Germany for some time! If you feel like venturing South in midsummer, vir reisen nach Freiburg mit Ronan.