Saturday, August 27, 2011

Writing while sleep deprived

I am about to submit another big funding application. This one has been a lot more work than the previous applications, as the required research statement, the largest of several sections, is 25 pages. I can't really complain. If I was going to give someone enough money to run a research group for five years, I too would want to know in some detail what they would do with the money. Further, sitting down and trying to put my plans into a single document makes me systematically consider how my various plans fit together, always a useful exercise. My only complaint really is that I should have done much more on this long before my daughter was born. It is hard to care too much about the details of the application while fighting to stay awake and get the baby to sleep.


A said...

Hey, what kind of a birth announcement is this? I want details!!! Like just how sleep deprived are you? What is she named? Is there a tail? Email is fine... once you recover from being a new parent some 3 years from now.

Dan Levitis said...

What, you don't read Facebook anymore? You have a job and a toddler or something?

SFValues said...

Facebook is pure evil.
Congratulations to you and Iris. Can't wait for the details. =)