Friday, June 22, 2012

See no seagull

One advantage to living in the tallest building in town is that we can see who's sneaking around on the roofs of other buildings. That is in fact part of why our building was built so tall. Back when this was the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), this building was occupied mostly by the  Stasi (secret police) whose job it was to keep an eye on everyone all the time and their families. 

The building next to ours was the Stasi office building for the state. It has not only been taken over for university use, but there are Herring Gulls nesting on its roof. I spotted two big chicks wandering around yesterday. It is a great place for nesting: high up, with a rim so the chicks won't jump out, and fitted with the finest 1970's surveillance equipment. The roof is even roughly chick-colored, which is probably why until now I have seen no seagull.

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