Friday, November 23, 2012

Have I mentioned?

I'm now the Secretary/Treasurer of the Evolutionary Demography Society, which now exists. I'll be starting as an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark in January. We'll be moving to Odense the middle of the month. I have a terrible head cold and need to catch up on sleep. I'll soon have my first lab group that officially exists. My daughter can finally use a spoon without getting most of the food on everything but her mouth. The African violet on my desk is blooming very nicely. My cat is down to a relatively healthy weight, but I am not. I am going to sleep.


SFValues said...

Congratulations! And (checks out map of Europe) it looks like it won't be a huge move, more like going from one California county or American eastern state to another than actually moving countries.

I guess Rostock was a good move for you after all.

dan levitis said...

Thanks. In terms of distance it is not so far, but they speak a different language and use a different currency. And to apply for a residency permit is surprisingly expensive and complicated. So we're excited about the move, but it won't be easy.

A said...

Congrats and may you be blessed with great energy during your move!