Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It finally occurred to me that the paper I have been writing on the evolution of post-fertile survival (a.k.a. post-reproductive lifespan) really needed to be two papers. I had too many interwoven points I was trying to make simultaneously, and the paper was getting too long and ungainly. So I needed to write two shorter papers, and as a bonus, I needed to have a draft of one to present at a lab meeting tomorrow. I sat myself down this morning at 8AM and wrote for 15 hours with only a few short brakes. Some of this was cutting and pasting, although the pasted bits often required significant revising. I now have a full rough draft of the text of one paper, except that it does not yet include the figures, the tables, the statistics, the references, the appendixes or the complimentary online material. Oh well, I should be able to fill in a few of the holes tomorrow afternoon. Now it is time to see if I can stand up and walk as far as the bed.

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