Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Acronymic Challenge

As a grad student, I operated independently enough, and had a large enough group of undergraduate assistants, that I decided to pretend I had my own institute. I named it the Dissertational Institute for Evolutionary Demography, and believe me, I worked for that acronym.

Some colleagues and I are now discussing starting an actual scientific society for evolutionary demography, and it needs a good acronym. I suggested Society for Ecological and Evolutionary Demography (SEED) but was shot down on the grounds that I had added Ecology to the society just for the acronym. So I'm still thinking here, and wonder if you have any good ideas.

It has to have the words "Evolutionary Demography" in it and some word that means society or association. It can have the word "International" if the I helps. Keep in mind that this is going to be an actual scientific society, so nothing ridiculous, scatological or overtly jocular will do.

Now, I should clarify I'm not actually in charge here, so I don't necessarily get to pick the name, but if you propose something sufficiently clever, appropriate and memorable, I'll propose it, and you may have the honor of naming a scientific society.

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jte said...

Friends Researching Ev. Dev. (FRED)

Frankfurt Research Institute for Ev. Dev. (FRIED) [You can get a PO Box in Frankfurt to make it work, eh?]

Not the ED Bob Dole Talks About (NEDBDTA)

Society Carefully Assembled to Research Ev. Dev. (SCARED)

Society Assembled and Coordinated to Research Ev. Dev. (SACRED)

Society of Enthusiastic Evolutionary Demographers (SEED)

More TK.