Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Coming home now

I have been asked to review another paper. It is for a very good journal. I have published with them and thought their editorial office did a good job. It is on a topic I am very interested in and know the literature on quite well. It is a professional responsibility.

I have no time. I have a million projects and papers I am behind on. I have a bunch of papers I could get out relatively quickly if only I had the time, and I really need to get papers out. When I was a kid and my father came home late every night, I swore I would never "accept a bunch of extra work responsibilities just because my colleagues relied on me." My daughter is so damn cute and changing so fast. Every time I see her she says, "I need you Daddy, I need you!" (actually more like, "I ne-Jew Daddy, I ne-Jew!!!"). How can I ignore an adorable two year-old who not only needs me, but tells me so? I can't.

I said yes to the review, because that is what I am supposed to say. I will do it, and do it right. Sigh. But not tonight.

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